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Mutual mentorship for courage and change.

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Are you dedicated to growing your practice of playful inquiry?

Are you seeking an antidote to the isolation so often felt by practitioners who believe play, meaning-making, and the rights of children should be prioritized in school?

Are you an educator committed to re-imagining environments and experiences for learning that promote joy, creativity, and the wonder of learning?

Are you a school leader hoping to support colleagues as they reimagine their work?

You've found a global community dedicated to mutual mentorship towards responding to those questions in your unique context.

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The Studio invites you to participate through multiple doorways:

EngageMonthly framing for your investigations.

InspireFrequent support and interaction catalyzing your growth.

TransformFull community immersion, including live meetings and courses.

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Studios are places where people come together to experiment: to imagine greater possibilities, try out new ideas, and share experiences investigating pathways that include immersion in the arts, investment in play, and sharing stories.

The Studio for Playful Inquiry is an online community filled with colleagues eager to grow with you. Here, you’ll find inspiring, provocative invitations that spur meaningful conversation and exchange, catalyze reflection, and encourage innovation. It's slow pd: for the price of a workshop, you get a year of evolving and deepening connection. 

Members come from all parts of the world, teaching and leading in a wide range of schools for children (usually ages 3 to 11, but sometimes younger and sometimes older.) We share images and stories, read, watch, and listen to a range of texts, and connect with each other through an inviting platform and realtime meet-ups. Together, we support each other to create the kinds of learning communities upon which healthy living depends.

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What do members say?

In the Studio:

Each month we explore a "through line" of interest to members around the world. This month we're exploring care, considering how care for ourselves and the children we work with grows and influences larger networks. Our Guide Line conversation with Dr. Junelei Li will be held December 12 and will be available for later viewing. Together, we'll be reading Dr. Pooja Lakshmin's Real Self-Care.

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Who is behind this project?

Susan Harris MacKay and Matt Karlsen are the hosts of The Studio for Playful Inquiry.

Learn more about them and the Center for Playful Inquiry here.